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THE HIEROPHANT is a custom playbook written for Beam Saber, a tabletop game by Austin Ramsay. If you would like explanations of any mechanics contained in this playbook, you can find the full game at austin-ramsay.itch.io

The Hierophant is the first of a series of Supply Drops by Yuri Runnel called Greater Secrets that aim to bring the strange and mysterious to life amidst the everlasting war. Each playbook will be inspired by a tarot card and will feature aspects of magical realism. The Hierophant allows you to play a person with a deep connection to their faith and explore how that faith helps or hinders you in navigating The War. You should still be able to use The Hierophant in your Beam Saber campaign without introducing any fantastical elements beyond what are found in the base book already, although you are of course free to do so! Cover design also by Yuri Runnel. 

The Hierophant is a Beam Saber Supply Drop. This material is an unofficial supplement and is not affiliated with Austin Ramsay.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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