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106th Astir Squadron is a series of fan-made playbooks written by Yuri Runnel and August Orion for Armour Astir by Briar Sovereign, a Powered by the Apocalypse game about magical mech pilots and their support staff fighting against an authoritarian regime.

The supplements, consisting of a total of 8 new playbooks - 4 Supports and 4 Channelers will be released in small batches with at least one Channeler and Support playbook in each one. This first release features the Noita and the Medic, two playbooks we’re quite proud of and feel like would add a lot of texture and an interesting focus to any Armour Astir game.

The Noita is a playbook dealing with existing at the liminal space between the living and the dead, between humanity and the spirits of the land. As the Noita you command spirits in order to channel your magic. The Noita is inspired by Uralic shamanism.
The Medic was created as an echo to the Artificer. It's meant to fill out the space of someone who deals with bodies more, as the Artificer's focus leans much more towards the mechanical. Tend to the wounds of your allies and make sure they stay alive to make a difference.

This project is by Witchbreak. You can find my design partner August's personal work and solo projects here.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorYuri Runnel
Tagsanimism, armour-astir, Homebrew, PbtA, playbook, Supplement, witchbreak


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