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106th Astir Squadron is a series of fan-made playbooks written by Yuri Runnel and August Orion for Armour Astir by Briar Sovereign, a Powered by the Apocalypse game about magical mech pilots and their support staff fighting against an authoritarian regime.

The supplements, consisting of a total of 8 new playbooks - 4 Supports and 4 Channelers will be released in small batches with at least one Channeler and Support playbook in each one. This release features the Almoner and the Ordained. We're very proud of our work and hope you enjoy it as well!

The Almoner is a playbook all about money and capital. As the Almoner, you don't necessarily fight from the front lines, but you support the Cause through your wealth and connections to help them triumph against the Authority. Do you do it for good publicity or because you truly believe?
The Ordained is someone entrusted with a valuable relic of their faith. They must protect it while struggling to keep three vows you made to get it. Contend with your personal beliefs and those of your faith, while using your relic's magic to mow down those that oppose you.

This project is by Witchbreak. You can find my design partner August's personal work and solo projects here.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorYuri Runnel
Tagsarmour-astir, faith, Homebrew, PbtA, playbook, religion, Supplement, witchbreak


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I came at this deeply skeptical of the Almoner and left absolutely desperate to play one. The fantasy of a character who fights the good fight with their reach and influence is absolutely delivered; well worth a look.

Heck yeah! Glad you like it. We definitely wanted to leave space for playing the Almoner as someone who benevolently believes in the cause, or as someone who is deeply self-serving in their support. Sounds like we accomplished that goal!