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This book contains five playbooks for Armour Astir: Advent by Briar Sovereign. The playbooks are designed by Yuri Runnel and August Orion. If you have any feedback, concerns or comments, feel free to reach out at witchbreak.rpg@gmail.com.

The playbooks within are as follows:
The Occlusive is a powerful mage who has had their magic sealed away, no longer able to pilot an Astir. Over time they've learned to slip past their bonds and access incredible bursts of power.
The Demiurge is a budding demigod, still clinging on to mortality and humanity while they try to learn how to use their powers and grow a following to create miraculous change in the world.
The Miscreated is a person who has a monstrous form they can assume to devastate their opposition, powerful enough to rip an Astir to shreds.
The Resonant is someone tapped into the flow of magic, able to twist and manipulate it to their whims. While they can't wield it themself, they can twist others' magic and make magical devices sing to their tune.
The Familiar is a creature bound to one of the other characters, tasked with protecting them while they try to find their  independence along the way.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorYuri Runnel
Tagsarmour-astir, Homebrew, Mechs, PbtA, playbook, Supplement, witchbreak


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LOVE these playbooks. Excited to run for a Resonant and a Demiurge starting tomorrow!

Was wondering: On the Demiurge's starting move Words of Divinity, when it says "when you Bite the Dust, you must either die or give up your divine power", is that on ANY bite the dust, or just a fail?


In the end it's up to your table! I personally lean the former (any time you'd need to Bite the Dust) to lean into an "extremely powerful but mortally fragile" kinda vibe for demigods, but it could be reasonable to also go with the latter!

That's how me and the Demiurge player read it (which is exciting and would certainly balance out both the narrative power and the mechanical power of Four Starting Moves), so we will stick to that! Thanks for the clarification.