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Glamour of Our Youth is a roleplaying game based on the Forged in the Dark system. Drawing inspiration from media like Riverdale, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina the Teenage Witch among others, it works to tell stories of supernatural teenage adventures.


Glamour of Our Youth is for 3-5 players, and what really makes it shine is the customizability of it. The characters get to pick both a teen drama archetype to fulfill as well as an arcana that determines their magical abilities. You also get to pick a series playbook to use with abilities and special rules to really help the kind of story you’re aiming for. The full release will include even more options and tools for players to use.

Building on the FitD framework, Glamour serves to tell exciting stories with high stakes, putting the youths through their paces as they try to make their way through a strange and hostile world, struggling with conflicts both internal and external, arcane and mundane. 


This is a playtest version of the game. We'd love to receive any feedback, recordings and play notes, so please email them to us at witchbreak.rpg@gmail.com.

We've also decided to let people donate to secure a copy of the full game once that's out, as well as get their name credited in the book as a supporter! Even though the game is mechanically complete, there's a lot of work yet to be done from layout to tinkering with the mechanics to additional writing, and any support you can give will be greatly appreciated.


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To help us through the production process, you can donate a few dollars. The game's nearing completion but there's still editing, layout and a few extra elements to work out, so any bit donated helps.

Anyone who donates will be credited in the book - be sure to leave a name you'd wish to be credited by alongside your donation.


If you donate at least $30, you'll gain access to the full digital version of the game when it is released, alongside supporter credit in the full release.

The full version of the game will include 3 more Series playbooks as well as a supplement with 4 more Archetypes and 8 more Arcana. It will also include a gorgeous layout and a short story featuring the adventures of a group of teens discovering the secrets of the Sojourner's Saturnalia in Dawnborough.

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Ran a 4 session game of this with some friends in a custom setting and it worked so well! I love how easy it is to get started with the scenes and setup, and how focused the game makes playing as a result of the abstraction of the larger "faction game" that comes with other Forged games like Blades. It was a lot of fun! Thank you!

Hell yeah, glad you had a good time!