An Update on Greater Secrets - Progress & Future

First off, thank you to everyone who bought and contributed to the Anniversary Beam Saber Bundle! We’re excited that our first big project as a team has potentially reached so many people. Yuri and I have been back on the design train for a couple of months now and we wanted to let everyone where we're currently at with our next big update. We have recently finished the two squads that are appearing in the book, The Arcana and The World

  • The Arcana: Subordinate and strange scholars. A squad about managing to maintain the support of fickle warring patrons and figuring out just how dirty you’re willing to let your hands get in pursuit of your intellectual goals
  • The World: You Can’t Do This Alone. A squad of monster hunters working to protect their community amidst the turmoil of the War. Giant monsters, hazardous environs and the Factions might crush everything you care about if you don’t band together to stop them.

Our next steps are writing three new Playbooks and play guides for each playbook to help MCs and players make informed decisions when using these materials. The three new playbooks are the following:

  • The Emperor: A pilot who in honor of their impressive and decisive leadership on the battlefield has been implanted with a Legacy, the psychic resonance of one of your faction’s greatest heroes. Inspirations: Bright Noa, Cyber-Newtypes, and Full Frontal from Gundam, the Hound from Heart: the City Beneath.
  • The Strength: This pilot is a monster hunter and squad’s cook, they use their skills to support their team during and after the mission.
  • The Devil Inverted: This playbook is an alternate form to the Devil. Instead of gathering xp to raise your action ratings and gain new abilities, the Devil Inverted only gains more by taking on new Stains.

We’re about 8-10 weeks away from this next update but in the meantime you can check out Yuri’s recently released game, When the Music Stops here. It is a time travel game about preventing disasters, guided by a soundtrack you prepare in advance. Also, we both have other projects in the works currently. Yuri is working on Paint It All Blue, a game of belonging outside belonging inspired by Estonian and Finno-Ugric folklore, about a small village in the face of a long dark winter. I’ve been working on SUPERHERO, a game about cartoonish scoundrels attempting to pull off grand capers. It’s inspired by Lupin the Third, the Ocean’s movies and other heist stories.

- August

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