Greater Secrets 2.0

Greater Secrets 2.0 is finally here! It's a huge update that features a whole new layout, as well as two brand new pilot and squad playbooks! After months of work we're very proud of what we've accomplished and hopefully you'll enjoy it too. Thank you everyone for supporting this project! Please leave a comment or a review if you can, feedback is always appreciated.

The updated version includes the following additions:

THE STRENGTH - //a passionate hunter and cook//
Take on powerful creatures changed by a supernatural force known as the Drift, that haunt the wilds and are large threats for pilots to deal with. These creatures are known as Wanderers and are akin to Kaiju. The playbook also includes an optional guide to running Wanderers. The other half of the Strength playbook is being a cook that has many abilities to support their teammates with their cooking. Strange meals made of monstrous ingredients that grant your allies unusual powers, or a homely snack that can perk them right up when they're struggling.

THE EMPEROR - //a calculating and ambitious leader//
The Emperor is a pilot bequeathed with the Legacy of a great war hero by their patron faction, a psychic impression of their skills and abilities that they can rely on. In a squad, the Emperor is likely to take on the role of a go-between with the patron faction and the other pilots, as well as their de facto leader, who puts their own needs and desires above that of the squad, policing their actions for their patron faction.

THE ARCANA - //strange and subordiante scholars//
A squad playbook about balancing your strange research and personal values with the demands of your patron faction's demands and needs. Embroiled in the world of academia and its intrigues, you rely on government funding to keep up your research and protect your team from danger, while potentially giving them means to commit acts that might be atrocious. You can either stick by their side or choose to go against their wishes to maintain your values. The playbook comes with an unique earning and experience mechanics, that make for a slightly slower form of play that help you explore the ins and outs of your setting.

THE WORLD - //you can't do this alone//
The World is an independent squad that serves to protect a small community from existential threats such as Wanderers and the factions at war. Step up to the plate to keep them safe and provide for their needs, as the community relies on you to thrive. Of course, you might well be outsiders to them, but over time, you might come to be celebrated as heroes. Embrace personal relationships and complicated dynamics with a small and struggling community when playing the World.

In addition to this, the two squad playbooks come with three squad veteran abilities each - a total of six abilities that a pilot belonging to the squad can take as a veteran advance, to lean into the themes and mechanics going on with the squads. The update also includes a few new example legendary vehicles, such as the stealthy Page of Chalices, or the eldritch Queen of Wands.

While you're here, please check out some of our other projects, such as When the Music Stops, or Haunted Free Priceless Antique. And as a treat, we can tell you about a future endeavour of ours - we're working on our own Forged in the Dark game about playing magical messy youths getting into trouble. Think along the lines of teen dramas. Riverdale meets Buffy, with plenty of stories to tell.

August & Yuri


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Aug 06, 2021

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