Yuri Runnel

Forged in the Dark game for telling supernatural teen drama stories.
Take a sacrilegious pilgrimage to abandon your burdens and find solace in the "wrong" faith.
The finale of the 106th Astir Squadron series, containing 4 new playbooks for Armour Astir.
One shot storygame based around a mixtape and travelling back in time to prevent a disaster.
Game for one to four players about a journey through the underworld.
Unofficial Armour Astir playbooks about faith and capital.
Playbook for Wanderhome revolving around themes of grief and death.
Beam Saber Supply Drop that brings aspects of esoterica and strangeness to the never-ending War.
Unofficial Armour Astir playbooks that help highlight animism and medical issues in your game.

Witchbreak Projects

Various projects my design partner August and I have worked together on.

Dawnbreak Zine

Personal Projects

Projects Contributed To

I've contributed to these projects in various ways, either as designer, writer, or graphic designer.

Mock Cover Jam

Entries for the Mock Cover Jams which were made based on covers I designed.